Our solutions

Our endoscopy capsule allows finding lesions and pathologies thanks to neural network which has learned how to search for them on captured images.

Our products

Among the endoscopy capsule itself we also provide AI-powered software for automatic detection and real-time determination of potential threats.


Endoscopy capsule 1.0

Product in hand

Our main goal is to develop and pre-implement an improved system for the diagnosis of the digestive system by capsule endoscopy. Besides capsule the research work includes designing image analysis software.

Image analysis will be conducted by artificial intelligence models and automatic classification and evaluation of images. Thanks to that time of analysis will shorten and detection of lesions will decrease.

The development work includes conducting clinical studies that will allow the verification of the effectiveness of the system. The results of these studies will be compared with the results of classical gi endoscopy and other capsule endoscopy systems.


Saving time

Our solution is a time saver - we have obtained a reduction of time from 10 hours to 30 minutes. Besides that it is cost efficient.


Advances imaging solutions

Among the endoscopy capsule itself we also provide a desktop application - BioCam Endocapsule Suit 1.0.


Innovative control

Thanks to advanced AI imaging software technology, lesions can be detected easily so doctors can act almost immediately.


Real-time imaging

Our endoscopy capsule is equipped with a bluetooth communication module, so it can provide photos throughout the procedure.