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Capsule endoscopy

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39/40 Rynek, 50-102 Wroclaw, Poland

Innovative capsule endoscopy solutions

We help our patients and medical doctors by offering:

Saving time

Significant reduction of time and costs of digestive system tests (from 10 hours to even 30 minutes)

Advanced imaging solutions

The use of several types of light sources and innovative imaging methods allows our solution to see more like traditional endoscopic capsules

Innovative control

Thanks to the use of intelligent solutions, it will be possible to stop the capsule at the place of detection of the lesion and immediate surgical intervention.

Real-time imaging

Thanks to the use of wireless communication, the doctor will be able to monitor the examination on an ongoing basis. In addition, the device will warn the doctor of any danger.


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Have some Questions?

Currently, our company deals with the development of technology and patient tests, we anticipate that the first patients will be able to use our solution in the form of clinical tests this year. The expected date of entry for the products is 2022.

We want the capsule endoscopy examination to be no more expensive than EUR 100 (the current competitive price is EUR 800-1500).
We plan that our solution will be reimbursed by the healthcare system as a safer alternative to traditional colonoscopy or gastroenterology.

Yes, it is completely safe, much more secure like colonoscopy, where it is estimated that in 1% of cases the intestinal wall is broken.

Our solutions are dedicated to professionals. To use our solution, please contact the outlet that uses our products. The list of branches will appear on the website before the product launch.


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Wroclaw University of Technology
Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju

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